About Me

Chaitanya Krishna Kasaraneni

I'm a 23-year-old data science intern by title. Also, an avid reader of fiction, enthusiastic traveler, blogger, and an amateur chef.

I believe that software has the capability to transform human lives into a more innovative and amusing way. It helps humans in building a network of connections enabling us to gain new opportunities anywhere around the world.

With my education in computer science, my greatest strength lies in problem solving, analyzing information, deriving insights and communicating them effectively. Together with my applied knowledge of data science, data engineering and machine learning this makes me an effective developer in any data project. I care about making a practical impact by applying data technology.

I enjoy working in a challenging environment where I can learn from those around me professionally and personally. Since I have broad interests and always want to learn more about what my teammates do, I am a T-shaped professional by nature.


Python - 5

Databases (SQL) - 4

Version Control (Git) - 5

Data Science (Scikit-learn) - 4

Servers (Linux) - 4

Big Data (Spark, HIVE, Hadoop) - 3

Statistical Methods - 3

Cloud Technologies (AWS)- 3